Day 9: Trip Ends and Begins Again

Monday, October 12, 2009

Time to say goodbye to our Senior Newbies. They've had 8 days in DisneyWorld where the weather was hotter than expected, with as best a tour guide as we could manage, and with sights & sounds that exemplified as much of Disney's diverse nature as we could give them in one trip. When asked what they thought of their experience, they each answered "Beyond our wildest expectations".

Cuz is happy as a clam. You can see the joy in his eyes as they each reminisce about their favorite aspects of the trip. We've cleared out of our room, stored our groceries with Bell Services (including the leftovers of the 5lb bag of apples), and await our room while we have one last meal with our family.

Then when the time comes, we escort them down the Walk of Sorrows to their waiting Magical Express bus. Cuz whispers to me "Next time we bring them for Christmas". I tell them to go home and rest. Do nothing, I say, for at least a week. The weather forecast at home is in the 40's while it's mid 90's here. Time for their bodies and minds to rest and digest all they've experienced.

For GM and I, as soon as we wave goodbye to their bus, it's time for us to relax a bit and catch those remaining things we missed or passed up for guests.

Today that means moving over to our Grandstands studio room. Then a dip in the Grandstand pool followed by dinner at Raglan Road and a stroll along West Side.