There's never enough time

Friday, September 25, 2009

5 months since we left Orlando, and it feels more like a year has passed.

I started the summer with grand plans. There was more than enough time to spruce up the old travel blog. I'd add three more trips to the entries. In the meantime I'd take on two more website accounts, take another turn at redecorating the family beach condo, and sit down to finish that second novel I've been meaning to do. (My first, Notorious Angel, came out only 5 years ago. Surely that's just a blink of an eye in a novelist's career?)

Alas, there just never seems to be enough time. And we have had a busy summer, Grandpa Mohawk and I. Some of our highlights included:

Now just three weeks home and it's time for Grandpa Mohawk (now to be referred to as "GM") to leave the north behind and make our trek down south. As usual, we both find ourselves overloaded with projects the week before our holiday. I've churned out two more websites in the last week alone. For once it's a good thing we have left our suitcases packed for the summer. I'm sure we'll each forget about 10 things, and neither of us is completely prepared for Disney, but I have a feeling this is going to be the kind of trip that pleasantly surprises.

Our plan is simple:

I have no nickname yet for our Disney Newbies, and I'm not sure how well their trip will go. One is a longtime Disney fan (since the days of Snow White) and the other is convinced Disney World is like Six Flags (all roller coasters and kiddie characters). Both are also in the early 80's. Their son has been determined to introduce them to the Disney experience ever since he first dived in with us one New Year's Eve. Cousin 626.1 is certain his parents will fall in love with the place like he has.

We (626.1 and I) have plotted and planned the itinerary. A slow immersion into the many resorts as we draw them into all the magic the World has to offer. We've picked the time of year carefully. October, when the weather's warm but not summer hot. Magic Kingdom will be draped in all it's Fall Festival Finery. EPCOT (certain to be a hit) has the Food & Wine Festival. Surely we can dispel this Six Flags myth quickly?

Wish us luck.


P.S. Oh and GM has been given strict orders from each of his children in the last 24 hours: "Have a good trip Dad, but NO MORE BROKEN LEGS!"

Let the magic begin...