Day 6: Into the Jungle

Friday, October 9, 2009

Our morning begins with one of our favorite treats: a late breakfast at Boma's. Due to the distance, I have us all going by van rather than a park hop. The forecast is for mid 90's again and we figure it would be too hot for Aunt & Uncle C. Besides, we plan to return them to EPCOT and Magic Kingdom this weekend to finish up their trip. So no parks today. That means, sadly, no time for Animal Kingdom.

The next best thing, of course, is to spend the day at the Lodge. So we start with breakfast at 10:30am. This is just late enough to outlast most of the day guests and get the buffet all to yourself.

The mixture of food between American comfort and African exotic is just right to tempt them into experimentation. We assure Aunt C there is absolutely no Greek food on the menu and no lamb. She loves every bit of it. Even Uncle C picks up one of GM's recipes of oatmeal and African plaintain with cinnamon. I just love the juice medley the waitress plies us with. Well, that and the chocolate mousse desserts.

After breakfast, we take them on a walking tour of the Lodge. First to the pool.


Then to the animal viewing areas. We meet animal guides Innocent and Thandy, and lots of animals grazing on the savanna.

Our tour ends at the fire pits where the old folks imagine themselves holding a council.

The rest of the day is spent relaxing at the resort.

Uncle C headed over to DTD to do a little shopping for the family left at home. GM and I joined him for an ice cream at Ghiradelli's before heading back to SSR's pool. Aunt C pulled up a chair on the patio to read her newest mystery novel. Cuz took a nap and jumped on the computer. Tomorrow, I told them we'd have an early start.