Day 1: Orlando Arrival
September 22nd, 2008


And so our Fall trip begins.

Drove down from Maryland in one night. With a stopover in Florence, SC (our new favorite layover destination), we hit the road again in the AM. Made great time through Georgia and arrived at the Florida Welcome Center around 3pm.

Florida Welcome Center

Just in time for our complimentary OJ and grapefruit juice. I prefer the combo while Grandpa Mohawk prefers straight sweet Florida OJ.

Grandpa Mohawk arrives in Florida

The weather on the dashboard read a warm 84 degrees. Very pleasant for our picnic outside in the sun.


We drove the rest of the way down (175 miles) listening to the Jacksonville Jaguars/Indianapolis Colts game. The Jags won in the last 8 seconds with a field goal. Very exciting and triumphant.

Arrived at Marriott’s Grande Vista just as the sun set. This will be our first week’s home. Grande Vista is located near Seaworld just off International Drive. It’s a beautiful place undergoing some renovations though you wouldn’t know it. The lobby has been completely redone. Very ornate. Next on the list is an ice cream parlor, food court, and enlarged fitness center.

Our pleasant surprise was to be placed in the newest buildings across the lake. It’s a dedicated 3 bedroom villa. Huge for 2 people but alas yet again none of our family or friends could come.

We settled in and headed out for a food run to Walmart. We’re only here a week and next is two weeks in Disney studios, so we tried to limit ourselves. A half gallon of milk, juice, 6 eggs, one box of cereal and some grapes. Now it’s late and high time Wheelin’ Gypsy hit the sack.

Tomorrow: Magic Kingdom and Grandpa Mohawk’s date with his favorite barber.

Day 2: Waking Up at Marriott (and the engineers)