Food & Wine in the Rain

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By , September 30, 2014 9:42 pm

Good morning last day of September!

Yesterday we got rained out of Food & Wine so today we’ll try a redo. The sky’s start out cloudy and overcast during my morning walk, but the sun is trying to break through. Forecast calls for a 30% chance of showers. That’s the lightest we’ve had all week.

We head out to EPCOT around noon. Early enough to get to the food kiosks before the crowd arrives. GpaM wants to stop at the Boardwalk Bakery and grab a coffee refill for his mug. While I wait for him outside, one of the freakiest rain storms I’ve ever seen suddenly appears. It is pouring buckets and buckets of water all around me while just yards away at the Beach Club the sun is shining.

Weather radar shows a pop up storm has magically formed out of thin air right on top of the Boardwalk.time to don the rain ponchos and wait. I watch the radar but it provides little help. This storm is literally forming faster than the radar can track. We wait 15 minutes for it to move or do something. Sure enough it does head toward the Studios and the sun comes out to play.

It is so bright and hot now, we put away out ponchos, strip down to tank tops and begin touring. Canada’s Victoria Gardens are a compelling attraction for my camera. Since we’re eager to try some new food, we skip over Canada and Greece (had them Saturday) and instead go to the Dessert & Champagne kiosk and Hawaii.

I was just sitting down to enjoy a Pulled Pork sandwich and some Pineapple wine when ANOTHER ┬árain storm pops up out of nowhere. This is one freaky weather pattern. Radar shows clear skies. The forecast is clear until night time. And yet, 15 minutes after you burn yourself the rain just pours and pours and pours. It’s not a friendly drizzle. No, it’s a hard torrential downpour that catches everyone offguard.

We’re determined to try and enjoy ourselves though. Rain be damned! We’ll just don our rain ponchos, pull out umbrellas and muddle through. Surely the crowd will want to avoid it as well and we’ll at least have the park to ourselves.

Nope. It seems the Brazilian tourists are just as determined to stay as the rain.

We get some empanadas from the new Padagonia stand and hideout in China’s Lotus Blossom Cafe with plum wine and pot stickers, but nothing is making this rain go away.

So we finally give up and head inside to enjoy the American Adventure. Ah, now this is an attraction guaranteed to renew my good spirits. I love the message and the music.

We exit just as Air Supply┬áis playing. “Come Sail Away, Come Sail Away, Come Sail Away With Me” Please take me anywhere there isn’t more rain.

GpaM and I hang out in the entrance to American Adventure listening to the music and watching as the rain does finally let up.

Our spirits renewed, we stopped to get a little more food. I especially enjoy Belgium’s potato leek waffle and beef bourguignon.

We stop on the bridge from France with ideas of seeing the fireworks from that patio by the lake. Saturday it was empty. Today it is blocked off for a “special event”. The event turned out to be a private wedding. The reception was held inside at an alternate location because of the rain, but the bride & groom triumphantly marched onto the patio minutes before Illuminations begun. The view was nice although all that humidity in the air meant the sky got cloudy with fireworks very fast.

As for Food & Wine, I enjoyed the pineapple wine and the Belgium beef waffle, but the rest was standard fare for Food & Wine. I concede Mother Nature won this day. As hard as we tried to enjoy ourselves, the rain just tormented us too much. And these crowds just refused to go home.


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