Boardwalk Breakfast at Kouzzina’s and Rain at EPCOT FutureWorld

By , September 29, 2014 8:44 pm

Staying at the Boardwalk gives you several advantages. Not only do you have access to two parks within walking/rolling distance, you have a choice of restaurants for dining and a festive place to take a morning walk. It’s not as charming as our favorite Atlantic Boardwalk in Ocean City, MD, but still scenic.

Disney announced they are closing Kouzzina’s on October 1, so this was our last morning to begin with breakfast Greek style. We made a 9am reservation, ordered up some strawberry mimosas and feta cheese & spinach scrambled eggs. I’m going to miss this place on future trips. My sister, who couldn’t make this year’s Food & wine trip because of work, is especially bummed. She really liked Kouzzina’s.

After breakfast, we went for a long ride around the Boardwalk. The sun is bright and hot. Maybe this day it won’t rain. For now, I just enjoy wandering around taking photos of the scenery.

I had scheduled some FP+s for mid afternoon. My plan was to spend these hot hours indoors and go to the Food & Wine in the late afternoon/evening. We’re starting off early, so we head over to Festival Hall to look over some of the exhibits. Get there just as the afternoon lunchtime cooking presentation begins. Had I planned better, I would have gotten tickets. Instead I suffered through enjoying the tantalizing aromas of a beef stew knowing I couldn’t have a bite. Fortunately there was plenty of peach muscato wine and Ghiradelli chocolate samples to consume instead. Played a game of hide-n-seek with GpaM. (He likes to do this to me. We split up for a few minutes with me telling him where and when to meet next, then he completely forgets the meeting place and wanders off somewhere. I’ll spend about 15 minutes looking all around this tiny pavilion before I give up, call him and ask where he’s hiding. This time was in a tiny corner of a shop near the entrance.)

I learned an importance lesson today. With men, NEVER use compound sentences as instructions. They have this terrible habit of only listening to the first 5-6 words then completely tuning out for the rest. So if I say, “I’m going to the bathroom while you tour the Ghiradelli chocolate sculptures”, DO NOT expect him to still be listening when I finish “Meet me outside the exhibit when you’re done.” He will wonder off and swear you never said anything about meeting you. Instead he’ll hide somewhere looking at the sports scores on his phone and expect you to psychically know where he is.

A refreshing glass of Peach Muscato and I’m ready to resume my touring. (Don’t forget to pick up a bottle for later. We’ll be doing a lot of touring together this week, and I insanely invited three more guys to join us.)

Time for our FP+ windows.

I admit, I’m having a hard time figuring out how best to use our FP+s. I don’t normally do a lot of planning when we come down for 3 weeks. I’ll pick a couple meals and events. I’ll have a rough idea of which parks we’ll visit during the week. But I do not plan every minute of our day. I gave up that commando park touring the year we got Annual Passes and came for more than a week. I also had the advantage of a GAC which allowed me not to have to plan my FPs but do attractions when my body allowed. So we just stuck to the plan of avoiding crowds, doing a couple attractions a day and meandering about the parks soaking up the atmosphere. This FP+ thing is practically begging me to plan and set a schedule, then giving me fewer and fewer choices in how to spend my day. I hate schedules on vacation. That is not vacation, it’s work.

Ok so today we some FutureWorld attractions. The sun is hot outside so it’s a good time for AC inside. First up is Spaceship Earth. If you’re a Wheelie, don’t bother booking a FP+ for this one. You enter the attraction inside the building at the exit. There’s no place to scan your MagicBand and CMs never even ask if you have a FP+. Instead, they take your name, party size and have you wait in a holding pen for the ADA vehicles to cycle around. Then they stop the ride and have you board at the exit.

After Spaceship Earth, we head over to the Imagination Pavilion. Figment is one of my perennial favorites. I cannot visit EPCOT without doing his ride at least once.

By 4pm, the sky’s clouded over and rain threatened. Our next FP+s called for Soarin’. So we broke out the umbrellas and made our way over to the Land. Rode Soarin’ just as the heavens opened outside. Got in line for Livin’ the Land (i.e. the boat ride through the greenhouse). Here’s a tip for wheelies. Do not bother with a FP+ for this attraction. No matter what they will send you through the FP+ queue where you wait for a wheelchair boat inside. It’s insane this ride is considered a Tier 1 ride.

One good thing about going on the greenhouse boat ride while it is raining… no need to don sunglasses when you go outside.

The rain was still pouring when we finished. No point attempting to do Food & Wine now. It’s plain miserable out there. So we opt to get food at Sunshine Seasons instead.

I kept my eye on my weather radar app, but this storm just kept back-building. No hoping it would pass over in time for fireworks.

We tried to do a little browsing at Mousegears in hopes the rain would let up. We even debated trying to do some Food & Wine in our rain gear. I can manage a drizzle and I can avoid a brief torrent, but this is a steady, miserable downpour. There’s nothing to be done. We give up and head home to the Boardwalk. It’s only Monday. We figure we have 5 more days here to try Food & Wine.

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