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By , September 28, 2014 7:06 pm

We’ve been reading about the new Frozen events in our Disney Passholders Magazines all summer long. When they decided to extend it into September, we knew we’d make a point to be there. So even though we popped over to preview the fireworks on Friday night (after spending the day with friends), today is dedicated to enjoying Frozen Summer Fun at Disney’s Hollywood Studios.

Our first stop was a quick ride on Toy Story Midway Mania. This is my favorite attraction in DHS. It’s fairly easily to board for Wheelies, has a fun whiplash ride effect and some of the easiest and most fun gameplay of an arcade. I had no problem gaining a FP+ time for this when I went to do our planning a month ago. I was even able to alter my times for today last night. My wait time is usual for wheelies. No wait going through the FP+ queue and about 10-15 minutes in the wheelie queue. Only mistake we made was getting strapped in and sent on our way without our 3D glasses. We didn’t even realize we forgot them until we were beyond the second CM checkpoint and en route to the practice round. It’s a little different playing this game without the 3D vision. Everything is double and for GpaM actually easier.

When we came back around we laughed about not having our glasses. Since there was no one waiting in the wheelchair queue, the CMs invited us to take another spin WITH glasses. I love it when CMs can be flexible like that. As for the game, GpaM got beat (as always) though he did marginally better his second round. Neither of us broke 200,000 yet though. That’s a milestone still on my Bucket List.

Next stop was was the Wandering Oaken Trading Post and Gift Shop (no Sauna unfortunately). There was no line for the gift shop so we went in there first. Got a t-shirt and some pins, then picked up a few Frozen treats to eat outside. By then the line for the Frozen Playland had died down to a reasonable level.

Inside the playland there were Building a Snowman playgrounds and a large ice skating rink. We stayed for the performance from our Frozen cousins. Cute and folksy.

After that came the Frozen Sing-A-Long show. I wasn’t sure what to expect from this. We know the theater from past trips. Saw John Carter when that movie was previewed a few years ago. And we still remember when that spot used to be home to the old Hunchback of Notre Dame show. Now it is a mix of music video and stage commentary.

It begins with Princess Anna stumbling her way onto stage and bashfully greeting the audience from “Hollywood Land”. The performer who does Anna has nailed her character well. She’s charming and adorkable. Then she introduces the Kingdom Historians Erik and Aria to tell the story of Frozen while she finds her sister Queen Elsa. The Historians (Narrators) bring the snarky fun to this show. Lots of inside adult jokes that catch you offguard. And the sound system is perfect for this event. It is a full fledged theater. The grand finale involves Queen Elsa herself and a rousing rendition of “Let It Go” with snowflake effects. (i.e. bubbles and confetti dropping down from the ceiling on the audience).

We were up front in the wheelie section. I enjoyed seeing the pure joy on the face of the little boy next to me. He clearly had some major health problems and didn’t communicate well, but his squeals of joy were universal. I was also touched by the stranger children who ran up to collect confetti snowflakes off the ground just to hand to him so he could toss them about. Kids can be so sweet at times.

We had a few hours to kill after the Sing-a-Long. Unfortunately the rains came back just to mess with us. After 7 days of this we’re getting adept at pulling out our umbrellas and donning our umbrellas. But it means we’ll be sticking to some indoor events. We went over to Indiana Jones and sat down just as the heavens opened up and a torrent of rain came down. That canceled the plane scene at the end.

We swapped out our Star Tours FP+ for Muppets 3D so we didn’t have to divest ourselves of all our rain gear. But the rain had stopped just in time to catch the last act of the Lights, Motor Action Stunt Show.

The big event of the night was the Frozen Summer Fun fireworks and stage show. Now I had scoped out the area on Friday night so I knew most f the stage show is viewable only from Hollywood Boulevard. Unfortunately this is also a sea of pedestrians, most of them very tall and extremely inconsiderate toward wheelies. Staying anywhere on this pathway means I most likely won’t see anything because some ignorant numskull will walk up and stand right in front of me. So my favorite goto spot is along Echo Lake. We pick a place that has a view of a video screen for the show and a better view for the fireworks. It’s right against the fence around Echo Lake. Only downside is someone forgot to shut off the background speakers pumping in generic Indiana Jones music throughout the entire show. Made it hard to hear all the dialogue.

As for the fireworks, they were bright and stunning. I think they were even better than NYE though not as long. And best yet, the rain has stopped for the night.

By the end of the night, we learned both the Oaken Trading Post and Frozen Sing-a-Long are continuing indefinitely. It’s a shame they didn’t decide to keep the fireworks going. The huge crowd shows how badly this park needs fireworks on a regular basis. I’m sorry Fantasmic fans (including my brother), but that show just doesn’t cut it for evening entertainment.

It’s an EMH night for DHS so long after the fireworks ended, the park was still going strong. We caught one more encore performance of the Ice Men before they broke down the stage the next day.

Oh and by the way, speaking of those ignorant tall people I mentioned? Well a couple found me at the Ice Men performance. I was there before the band even took the stage. And when they started I was one of the 10 people invited to come closer and crowd around the stage. I was bopping out to the jams, enjoying myself, filming it all, having the lead singer ham it up for me and always mindful of not twirling around and hurting the little kids who came up to join me. Then 15 minutes into the performance just as the band was reaching their grand finale, this irritating bride and groom couple (marked by their hats) came elbowing through the crowd to stand RIGHT FREAKING IN FRONT OF ME! I have never been so irirtated in my life. GpaM says I should have just mowed ‘em down, and believe me I was sorely tempted to use my chair as a battering ram, but I don’t do that sort of thing. Instead I slunked away PO’d and ready to leave the park in disgust.

Instead I got caught in one of the shops as Mother Nature decided to drop a deluge of rain on us again. We geared up with ponchos and umbrellas then raced back to the Boardwalk. Oh well, some days just have to end on sour notes.

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