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NYE 2010 (Mother Nature, get me out of this cold!)

By , December 27, 2010 8:48 pm

I’m here frantically trying to get ready for our flight tomorrow as I slowly freeze to death in my wind-battered house in Maryland. It suddenly occurred to me I had failed to announce the return of our infamous (or not so) travel blog.

Some of you may remember, my dad (Grandpa Mohawk) and I had to cancel all our trips from the summer on due to his hip replacement surgery (August, Friday 13) and subsequent recovery (Sep/Oct/Nov).

We really missed our regular Autumn trek in October, which has become my favorite way to celebrate my birthday (Oct 2) and Halloween (GM dresses up as a gladiator). This year was far too dull what with trips to PT and doctors then work. Next year should be better with another of our big family Grand Gatherings.

But since we had to cancel the October trip and our early December trip (for the aging aunt & uncle), we opted to extend our NYE trip. We’ll be heading down tomorrow afternoon and staying until next Tuesday night.

And this year will be extra special because my sister is joining us with her family (DBIL, and 2 nephews ages 9 & 11). I wisely booked a second studio last February as soon as I realized the holiday was over the weekend and one of my siblings families might be able to join us.

My sister will be staying until Sunday. Her boys, miraculously, do not know they are going anywhere. She and DBIL and hoping to surprise the kids tomorrow by telling them they will be heading down to our family beach place in Ocean City and springing it on them in the airport. My fingers are crossed the surprise goes over well.

My cousin will also be joining us. And we’ll head down in two waves: the GM core posse at 2pm and the DSis entourage at 8pm. We’ll converge on SSR.

So far the itinerary calls for:

  • Tuesday – arrive and settle in SSR
  • Wednesday – animal Kingdom, the Lodge and Bomas for dinner (DSis request)
  • Thursday – Magic Kingdom, lunch at Crystal Palace, holiday parades, fireworks and the preNYE bash at the park
  • Friday – Lunch at 50’s Primetime and park hopping between DHS & EPCOT for the NYE festivities. My sis and I are looking forward to time spent at Osborne Lights together.
  • Saturday – dinner at Raglan Road and a day just hanging at SSR and DTD.
  • Sunday – sis heads home so we’re flexible what we do
  • Monday – Meet up with some Disney friends for tea at the Grand Floridian (I soooo missed that for my birthday this year)
  • Tuesday – wrap up and fly home at night

Weather forecast calls for bonechillin’ cold tomorrow both here and down there, slightly warmer Wednesday and mid 70’s the rest of the trip. After weeks of 35 degree highs we’ll be looking forward to real warmth. My arthritic knees and ankles haven’t hurt this much in years.

So far I’ve packed up my warm dorm comforter (never go to Disney in December without it), a selection of long pants, long sleeve shirts, tshirts and sweaters and lots of fuzzy socks. Had to locate an old bathing suit since I left mine at the beach over the summer when I came home to help take care of dad.

I will do my best to blog as we go. I have added a few techie gizmos to my bundle (a MiFi card and iPod Touch) so perhaps I can do a lil while lost in the crowds at Disney. I suggest you all follow my Twitter feed for the latest updates: @BroganMc or the official blog for my more detailed stories later.

Wish us luck! We missed this weekend’s blizzard (OC got it instead) but the wind has been howling since last night. I don’t fancy a bumpy take off (or rather my stomach doesn’t). Nor do I fancy the airline breaking my powerchair, GM’s scooter dying in the middle of EPCOT or being assigned a room without a shower I can use (all these things happened on past December trips). Had the powerchair repairmen out today to look over and tighten screws on my chair. GM’s scooter batteries were replace two weeks ago. And supposedly DVC Member services has confirmed I am in an ADA room.

Hope you can join us, at least virtually.

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