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Family Christmas Train Garden

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By , December 5, 2012 1:12 am

December 2012

A little over a decade ago, I stayed up late shopping Amazon looking for the unfindable… a collection of Wurlitzer Christmas Music. When I found the prized CD collection I posted this review:

Christmas 2001 my dad and I visited a Santa garden in the local mall and they had a machine playing short clips of Christmas Kaliope music. For the first time in years I saw my 70 year old father return to boyhood in his excitement to hear such an arrangement. Hence my search for some Wurlitzer music began. I was delighted to find this and it’s companion Volume 2 CD.

The CDs are a true wonder. I waited until the Sunday night before Christmas to give him the albums – as a gift while we set up the train garden for the many new grandchildren in the family. This music put us in the holiday spirit and kept the adults entertained like kids as we spent all night fixing up the trains, toys and little things for Santa.

Best of all came Christmas Day when we invited the children to explore the train garden. To my 2 year old nephew, the garden was much more entertaining than even Santa! The only trouble we had was getting the kids to leave the garden to eat Christmas dinner.

This was the garden that year and my then 2 yr old nephew’s delight:




A decade later my now 80 yr old dad still gets enjoyment from our family train garden. It has grown like a weed over the years just like his grandkids who are now entering their teen years. We get together every Thanksgiving and help Grandpa build the garden for the season. It includes 2 large tables, 3 trains and over 30 buildings with amusement park rides, hundreds of figures (one for every member of the family including a purple mohawk snowman for Grandpa) and a large fireworks display. The design changes a little every year and has the special stamp of every one who helps build it. Here’s our creation this year:


2012 - Fireworks

2012 - Night View

2012 - Rapunzel's Cruise

And here’s that 2 year old, now 13, helping his cousins setup the garden this year.

2012 - Setup with the 13 yo's

2012 - Setup Plugging Everything In


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