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How I Spent My Summer (at the beach, baby!)

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By , August 31, 2014 12:43 am

“You only ever write about Disney. Don’t you guys ever go anywhere else?”

For self-professed world travelers it seems like we only ever go to one place. Truth is we have our favorite other places to travel to, but far less time to write about it when we’re actually there.

This year we skipped our usual Spring trip to Disney so we could (a) save points to spend on the family at New Year’s and (b) refresh our minds with other travel destinations. That included a 5 day trip to Las Vegas to celebrate GpaM’s and his sons (Brohawk) birthday. They share the exact same birthday (February 28) so it’s tradition that they celebrate together somewhere. The boys (GpaM and his sons / my brothers) had been talking about going to Vegas for years. I finally got so tired of the talk I used my family travel agent skills to put the trip together at last. One of my aunts winters in Vegas, just a block away from the Flamingo and within eyesight of the new Vegas Eye. She knows all the best places to gamble, get free buffets, the best shows to see and the best tourist traps. Photos for that trip is here.

Then in late April we celebrated the end of the coldest winter in Maryland with a long weekend trip to Williamsburg, Virginia. As history buffs, Anglophiles and “patriots”, this has become a perennial favorite of ours. We always manage to learn something new. This year it was how Washington’s Spies operated during the war. There was even a new television series on AMC just underway to dramatize the trials and tribulations of these early spies: Turn. You can catch up on the first season of episodes here. Stay tuned for Season 2 airing sometime in 2015. Benedict Arnold is supposed to steal the show along with his co-conspirator British Major John Andre.

We opened the family beach condo in Ocean City, MD over Memorial Weekend. That was the only place my family ever traveled to when we were kids. OCMD is the paradise of the Delmarva area. It’s a small town in the OffSeason but grows to Maryland’s 2nd largest city over the summer. Our place is located in the north part of the town, ocean side with a view of the sunrise and sunset and within walking distance of Northside Park. The whole family congregates to the beach for at least a few days over the summer. It’s our second home open to close friends.

The kids had a very long school year thanks to all the snow days off in January & February. They were in classes until Mid-June to make up for the losses. To celebrate their survival, we organized a family get together in Williamsburg, VA. It’s less about the Colonial history for kids. Instead they talked us into days at Busch Gardens, Water Country USA and several nights worth of playing cards and other family Living Room games. It was a blast for everyone and helped us produce our first group family photo in years.

We spent the rest of the summer mostly at the beach and hanging out with family at home. July 4th brought us Hurricane Arthur but no damage. We enjoyed fireworks over the bay on July 5th.

The kids did swim and soccer camps. They kayaked and paddle-boarded. They even organized the first ever Summer Teen Challenge: points awarded for guts & glory.

BroganMc/Jen discovered her inner photographer and turned into a rabid shutterbug chasing sunrises, sunsets and all the gorgeous sites in between.

Here’s a sampling of her favorite work. Pull up a chair, pour yourself a cuppa tea and relax at the beach. Contains a 30 minute playlist of sunrises and sunsets in Ocean City, MD:

We closed up the beach place Labor Day weekend just in time to come home for Baltimore Ravens football season and the Baltimore Orioles race for the baseball playoffs.

The weather was very mild this summer which is either a reward for surviving last year’s bitter winter or fair warning this winter will be even more bone-chilling.

The last quarter of 2014 will involve 3 weeks in Orlando, preparing the homestead in Maryland for Christmas and rooting for the Ravens and O’s.

We’ll end the year with a return trip to Disney.

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