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NYE 09: Day 4

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By , January 2, 2010 4:38 am

NYE 2009: Day Four - Magic Kingdom Shows and Goodbye

January 2, 2010

It's time to go home. Last night's present from friends reminds us just how hard it is to say goodbye to our second home, especially since the next three months will be spent in winter hibernation. GM bemoans missing some of those ealrier day events at MK, the things we tried to see the day we arrived.

So after packing up and dropping off our stuff at Bell Services, we hop a bus for Magic Kingdom. We have roughly 5 hours and 3 must dos on our holiday festivities list.

It's briskly cold, around low 50's, but the sky is clear and the sun shining so bright we need our sunglasses. We head straight over to Liberty Square for the Once Upon A Christmastime Parade (shown in the evening during the Christmas Party and in bright daylight Christmas week).

If you prefer, you can watch it in full, catch my favorite toy soldier highlights, or just enjoy the pictures below.


My favorite float because when Chip & Dale pass by it snows everywhere.

And here's Disney's new princess Tiana and her prince Naveem...

Let's not forget Cinderella...

My favorite princess Ariel...

And all our holiday favorites...

After the parade, we made a beeline for the riverfront to get ready for GM's top wishlist item: Tiana's Showboat Jubilee...

Dr. Facilier is one frightening fellow. Check out those fingers.

Tiana's Showboat Jubilee is a catchy addition to the park. It's only due to last until mid January, but we hope they bring it back for good. In case they don't, feel free to enjoy our front seat view for the show in its entirety...

Part 2

After the shows we had just enough time for a little exploring and lunch. We disagreed on where to eat. I was happy with a hot dog from a stand, but GM & Cuz wanted to sit down in a cafeteria. Pecos Bill's was the nearest so they went off that way. I let myself wander.

First I waited in line at a hot dog stand before I asked myself how I'd manage a messy hot dog while juggling all my cameras. It would be much easier to just grab some corn dog nuggets at Casey's. So I walked back that way intent on exploring the park and snapping a few more pictures along the way. That's when I discovered the Diamond Horseshoe Saloon. It's always closed when I visit, in fact is scheduled to be closed today, but the doors are open and a crowd is forming. So I went inside and a long forgotten memory bubbled to the surface.

 I visited Disney World once when I was a gradeschooler, long before there was anything but magic Kingdom. In my memory, the Enchanted Tiki Room was favorite and we ate inside there while I spent the whole meal looking up and around. But there's never been dining inside the Tiki Room. No, as I walked into this Victorian-era gilded cafe with a balcony upstairs and a kaliope playing on the stage, this was the place I couldn't keep my eyes off.

I walked inside, wandering about in a daze and found myself just staring at the kalliope on the stage. A young family was just finishing their meal so offered me their table. I couldn't believe my luck. It must be ordained.

I ordered a tuna salad sandwich, some fruit and a hot cup of cocoa. All the while I frantically speed dialed GM and Cuz. We'd only parted maybe 10-15 minutes before. Surely they hadn't gotten that far. But after 20 attempts to reach them, I gave up and just enjoyed my meal. It was going to be my secret treat.

Don't worry, GM did finally get my message. Good thing too. It was a madhouse at Pecos Bills. Noisy and crowded. He was downright miserable. We sparred a bit over whether the Diamond Horseshoe could be open. "It's not listed on the schedule!" he grumbled. "Well I'm sitting inside it now," I answered.

They made their way over in good time and we spent the rest of our park time enjoying dessert and the ambience. Here you can too...

Finally it was time to make that last journey home. On the way out, we enjoyed one last glimpse of that beautiful Main Street U.S.A.

Until we meet again...

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