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Grand Gathering Day 5: Our Last Day

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By , December 8, 2009 1:51 am

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Mission today, we all go home in waves. First up are Bro2's family. They have an early 7am pickup. So I set my alarm for 6 amd promptly beat the boys awake. Giggles is drwosy but amenable. Stitch buries his head under the pillow and declares he doesn't want to go home, ever! Oh I am so there with ya kid.

Still time to go. So GM and I both get up. We see Bro2 off at the bus stop where I forget to bring the camera with a battery installed. Hugs and kisses followed by a "I'm so glad we did this" and they were off.

Ok, time for breakfast. GM and I head off to Artist's Palette. We're in line for our food when I feel this sudden jabbing pain in my shoulder. Ow!

It happens again, harder. Ow!

Turn and there's Bro1, poking me. What are you doing? I ask. Trying to see if you're awake yet. Yes, Princess, I've been up since 6. It's not oh almost 8, when did you roll out of bed?

Just now. Seems he and Sis and each woken up at 6:30am, thought about Bro2 leaving and promptly rolled over again. But now they're on the morning mug runs for their groups and gee wouldn't it be nice to have a cuppa with us first.

So we gather at a table and just hang out. I'm so happy to see they are enjoying themselves. Finally they seem to get why GM and I love this place so much. Bro2 said it was like visiting our "other family". Bro1 wants to know if we can do it all again next year. Um, you mean everyone?

Oh boy. My head spins as I do the point calculations. Um, can't next year. Why? Is it the craziness of having 17 people in Disney? Is it the fact that I'm so sick now my voice is a hoarse whisper? Um no, I promised to take Cousin's family for Christmas and am fresh outa points. But 2011, now that might be doable. October too please, Bro1 asks. He likes the Halloween Party more than the Christmas Party. Oh you mean like for my birthday? Yeah, sounmds great. A weekend, whatever works best for you guys. Good Lord pinch me, we have a convert.

The rest of the day is spent lounging around Downtown Disney and the resort.

Sis heads over to DisneyQuest. Red is looking for a photo frame. And we all keep bumping into each other unexpectedly.

MiniMe, ChooChoo and Baby A get in some more pool time. I meet them at the Magical Express stop, half hour before their ride dripping wet. MiniMe helps her mom retrieve the luggage and totes her own matching set. Bro1 eggs me on about the next group trip I just have to plan.

Sis, GM and I leave an hour later. Our bus is delayed but then so is our flight. I finally get home to bed around midnight. My cold has turned into an ear infection (helped along by the change in air pressure on the flight). But I don't care. I managed to pull off my Disney Grand Gathering without bloodshed but lots of smiles. It took a bit of compromise, lots of patience (not my strong suit) and that love I always knew we had underneath it all.

I can't wait to do it again. In 2 years. 2 long restful years.

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