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Moving Day: Leaving Cypress Harbour for Boardwalk Villas

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By , September 27, 2014 6:14 pm

Today is the day we leave our Marriott resort home. I’m going to miss Cypress Harbour. Of all the the places we vacation in Orlando, this is my favorite villa. It was also the first one we bunked in back in 2001 when we began our timeshare vacation life.

Because we’re using a legacy week booking, it cost us no more to stay 7 nights instead of 6. So this year we’re trying something different. We’re using our 7th night as a gap night to Disney. Instead of having to up, packed and out at 10am, we can spend all day moving.

So we begin our day having a leisurely breakfast on the balcony over the lake. While the clothes are getting washed, I catch up on some computer work (don’t ya just love the roomy computer desk?).

Then we pack our suitcases and begin taking loads down to the van. It’s a warm day but rain is threatening, again. (Argh! when will this stop?)

I stopped to take a few pictures of the resort with a fancy new camera. I love the artistic shots the best.

The resort boasts two feature pools and a couple quiet pools, a couple lakes for fishing, a boat ride from the Activity Center to Main Island Pool (where the Front Desk is located), a playground for kids, basketball and bocce ball courts, a Game Room, 2 pool bars, food deliveries to your room (after 5pm) and a putt putt golf course. Oh and you can rent those Surrey bikes around the resort or play real golf or go to the Spa.

Since we purchased here over a decade ago, the resort has been through a couple upgrades. The kitchens have been made over with high end marble countertops and stainless steel appliances. They put in more electrical outlets and LCD TVs. They’ve moved walls and changed out furniture as well as redid the decor (from Key West to Chic Harbor style). And they changed the internet service. Back in 2001, every room had a wired connection with fast broadband speeds. Then they switched out to AT&T WiFi in 2010 and services plummeted. They have remodeled again and given us better resort-provided internet. I’m getting downloads of 30mbps down/15mbps up. That’s comparable to my home/work internet. I can easily vacation and stay in touch here.

The packing takes longer than we expected probably because we are not rushing ourselves. And of course just as we get the van loaded, the rain comes again. A torrential storm lasts about 45 minutes keeping us inside before we can get underway.

By mid-afternoon, however, we are on our way to our next home. Some 7 miles away at Disney’s Boardwalk Villas.¬†Years ago I purchased a small resale contract at BWV just so we could spend a few days there during EPCOT’s Food & Wine Festival. We now use it exclusively in late September/early October. Always looking for Standard View rooms, and because we get one of the 4 roll-in shower rooms in the entire resort, we pretty much know what our view will be. (There are a few more in the Boardwalk and Pool/Garden View, but none really worth the points.)

The benefit to taking all afternoon to pack is that by the time we arrive at BWV our room is ready. Also Bell Serviceman Al remembers us from our last trip here and personally escorts us inside to our room. Now that makes you feel like a VIP.

We had hoped to get over to DHS and ride the Backlot Tour before it shut down, but it’s just too late and we’re too pooped to schlep over to DHS. Besides we have plans for tonight in EPCOT anyway. We’re trying the Illuminations Dessert Party.

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