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Spring Escape Pt 18 – Kennedy Space Center

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By , May 7, 2010 12:51 am
Friday, May 7…

Went to Kennedy Space Center today. It’s a continuation of last October’s day visit where we got annual passes. We did the bus tour last time so this one we did more of the museums. Saw an IMAX movie about the Hubble Telescope. Awesome images in 3D.

Went through the museum display afterwards and learned all about the Crab Nebula and star nurseries. Stuff that Hubble can see and we can’t.

I also discovered I can be a mean old cuss when it comes to rowdy kids. A group of teenagers were there on a field trip. About 10-12 of them decided it would be fun to start doing somersaults and handstands in the middle of the exhibit. As soon as I heard feet slam against a beautiful display on the wall I didn’t think. Just raced over to the boy, looked him in the eye (he frozen upside down in a handstand) and told him “Excuse me! I don’t think they want you putting your feet on the displays!” He apologized and sheepishly got down. Then all his friends shut up and they quietly slinked off outside.

Not 10 minutes later a group of elementary kids game charging into the room like the bulls at Pamplona. Of course the boys made running leaps for the displays. Their chaperones busily chatting behind them totally oblivious. I didn’t waste a moment’s thought. Just started my best Catholic nun voice saying “Uh uh uh! This is NOT a playground.” Even waved my arms about so the kids knew I was talking to all of them. They settled down instantly and the chaperones guided them outside to the real playground.

Ok, pet peeve here. I know kids have lots of energy. And I realize they probably spent all morning on the bus tour, but if my class had acted like that our teachers would have grounded us for the next 3 grades! According to the staff at Kennedy this is a usual occurence from local school trips. I shutter to think what happens at home.

And no I never hit a kid nor called them names. I just tell kids when their behavior is unacceptable in the most uncertain terms. Makes you wonder what the chaperones are doing? We encountered one outside at the Rocket Garden who seemed far more interested in coaxing the kids to get their free drink refills then getting them to stop climbing on the displays.

Speaking of the Rocket Garden, it’s all about the rockets used to send men to the moon. The size of these things is beyond amazing. Such huge sticks of dynamite and such a tiny cramped capsule on top. We studied as much as we could before the rowdy kids just made it too annoying to stay.

So we hopped over to the Astronaut Hall of Fame where they have exibits of the race to the moon and current astronaut training tests. There’s even a small 2-man centrifuge to train for G-forces.

Saddest thing about the Space Center right now is that they are at a loss for purpose. They were all hyped up last October on this new Constellation Program to send men back to the moon and construct a moonbase then send them to Mars. All forward space exploration. But Obama cut their funding and cancelled the whole program the last couple months. He wants to outsource it to Russia. Needless to say they are not happy around here. The whole Space Coast is looking hard hit.

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