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Post-Trip Days (After the Senior Newbies)

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By , October 14, 2009 4:37 am

Post-Trip Days

Tuesday - Wednesday, October 13-14, 2009

Tuesday, GM and I go to Hollywood Studios for lunch at 50's Primetime (my favorite).

We see the Beauty and the Beast show and challenge each other to another round of Toy Story Mania.

Wednesday, GM and I head over to Animal Kingdom, his favorite park.

He gets picked to lead the warthogs in their snort, but forgets to introduce himself with his iconic nickname.

Know why I'm laughing so hard? Because GM didn't have to work hard to make that sound. He does it just about every night at home.

GM joins me at our seat and we enjoy the rest of this spectacle of a show.

We take a safari ride.

Then enjoy ice cream while we watch the afternoon parade.

Our last event of the trip is an evening at EPCOT. We take turns collecting some samplings from our favorite kiosks (spanakopita from Greece, empanadas from Brazil, cheese soup from Canada, beef coated in falafal from Chile, etc.) and a couple glasses of Rose Nectar Champagne from the champagne bar (the expensive stuff). Then we head over to my Rose Hill to dine on our bounty and watch Illuminations.

We raise our glasses in toast to my mom, the one who inspired our journeys. And mostly I thanked the good Lord he restored my dad to health last year to give us this chance to enjoy another adventure in Disney.

Our last moments in Disney are spent saying goodbye to our friends at Artist's Palette:


Seeing off Gertrude, the resident Saratoga swan:

And catching a glimpse of what to expect on our next trip to the World:

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