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GpaM Takes on Vegas: March 2014

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By , March 1, 2014 12:38 am

It’s time for something completely different. Yesterday was the Old Man’s 82nd birthday. That calls for a celebration. Last year we did Disney and a cruise with the Family. This year it is a long weekend in Vegas with the birthday boys, ie GpaM and Brohawk. I’m asking as Den Mother to ensure they don’t get into too much trouble. These guys are constant comedians.

We’re at 10,000ft and climbing. Heading into the sun and due to arrive in Vegas 5 hours from now, 3:45 pm local time. I expect we’ll fly over the big bad storm due to hit Maryland tomorrow and Monday.

Flying over Arizona now. Looooong flight here. We’ve been fighting string head winds all afternoon. Has us 40 mins over schedule. Thank goodness for free in flight Wi-Fi. Has been fun tracking our progress and seeing the moans from home about that big snowstorm coming.

The boys watched Hangover in flight. Now they are ready to party (without the roofies). I chose Now You See Me.

It’s our third day in Vegas. Still busy seeing the sights and getting our bearings. Our resort is smack dab in the middle of the Strip between MGM and Planet Hollywood. So far we’ve been up and down taking in the Bellagio fountain show several times. Saw Beatles Love last night. Tomorrow we’re heading to the Venetian to see Panda (Chinese acrobats). Tonight we’ll end up at Fremont St in old Las Vegas.

Lost a little playing the slots but hardly any inheritance. We did head up in the Eiffel Tower for dinner good views.

Weather has been exceptionally chilly. Not as frigid as home but still cold for nighttime touring.

Marriott’s Grand Chateau in Las Vegas turns out to be a good location. Planet Hollywood is right across the street. I wish we’d planned to do more there but the guys wanted to explore all the hotels. They have enjoyed walking by the black back tables with the dancing girls on the tables.

They’re actually very tame. The guys I mean. I cut them loose last night and stayed in while they went to Freemont Street. I’ve been before and didn’t feel up to it. Is very crowded here. More than expected. Lots of interesting characters around. Showgirls pose for pictures next to Woody and Merlin on the Strip.

Tomorrow we have two shows to see. An afternoon magic show at Harrah’s and Panda at the Palazzo. My sent invited us to a buffet as well. I think I’d prefer lunch at the Eiffel Tower restaurant. Great view of the Bellagio fountain. Dad wants to explore the $12bil city center complex the built.

FWIW just south of us on the Strip are a ton of little shops and fast food joints. You can get groceries at Walgreen’s. Burgers at Fat Burgers or McDonald’s and clothes at Marshalls or Ross. No need to pack anything. Just buy it here.

I’d love to go in more of the exhibits but the guys are pulling me in other directions. I just found out today I could have gotten a 3 day pass for the price of 1.5 ($57). Choices include the aquarium at Mandalay Bay and Mirage, Titanic and Body exhibits at Luxor, roller coaster at New York and CSI Experience at MGM. I may do the CSI Experience in the morning.

Everyone has had a ton of recommendations for us. Hard to for it all in. I did get to see my aunt’s condo of the Strip. She had the best view for NYE fireworks. I’ll think of her next time I’m in Disney watching our NYE fireworks.

Oh and they are opening a new ferris wheel like the London Eye. Testing it now. Opens end of March.

Real quick post because it’s leaving day. GpaM is up in his morning panic mode. He always gets this way on travel day. Very anxious he’ll miss something. In fairness or trip to the airport is mre problemativ them Disney. No Magical Express. And with two wheelie devices we’ll need two taxis.

Had a great time on our last day. We explored the new city center mall on the Strip by the Aria, then took the tram up to the the Bellagio. Had pastries and placed bets on the Ravens and Orioles winning their championships. Met up with my aunt to see a Magic Comedy Show at Harrahs. Split up so my bro could do the half price buffet with my aunt (a right of passage for him) and Dad and I could seeMadame Tussuads. Found eachother in the Venetian. Saw Chinese acrobatic pandas in The Palazzo. Learned how to play Craps ams ended the night watching the Bellagio fountain show to Beatles Love. I almost dont want to go home.

We especially don’t want to go home to frigid Maryland where my driveway is buried in snow.

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