Rain and Hollywood Studios

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By , October 1, 2014 10:18 pm

Wake up to a rainy Wednesday morning. This is getting beyond frustrating. It is our 10th day in Orlando and we’ve had to deal with this nonsense EVERY DAMN DAY! Now we’re used to September/October travel. We know it gets hot during the day, rains in the afternoon, then is balmy at night. But this time around it is starting out rainy and then staying that way throughout the day.

I woke up with intentions of taking a long walk around the Boardwalk. Instead, it poured at sunrise. Then poured some more when I showered. The clouds let up a little at 10am allowing me an hour to go out and take photos. I felt bad for this bride & groom trying to get in a few beauty shots before their wedding. The photographer wore rain boots and had an assistant just to cart around a box of umbrellas.

It does clear up just in time for us to make our 1pm lunch reservation at 50’s Primetime Cafe. Since it is October 1, this is the first day I will begin celebrating my birthday. So I don my birthday pin and get a birthday cupcake.

Meanwhile the rain pours outside.

We take in a ride on the Great Movie Ride, then another at Muppets 3D. We opted for FP+s for Fantasmic so passed up riding TSM today. Instead we stop at the Backlot Bar for a drink.

I want to check out the new Oaken Trading Post shop which is now located behind the Catering Company Cafe. Walk into the trading post and some CMs (talking with Mr. Oaken’s folksy Norwegian accent) single me out because of my birthday pin. They bring out the Birthday Bell and sing me a rousing chorus of Happy Birthday. I think I love this place.

The store is actually bigger here and seems in a better location. The Build A Snowman playground is here, as are the photo spots and Frozen treats. Only thing missing is the ice skating rink.

Fortunately the rain finally lets up in time for this evening’s performance of Fantasmic. They give us a space right in the center at the top. (We were offered a seat down front but when the CMs mentioned we may get wet, GpaM begged for no more water. He’s been waterlogged.)

It’s a pretty good show, but like I said before, it’s no replacement for park wide fireworks. I long for the days of MGM’s Fantasia In The Sky fireworks displays. They were a fun way to end a night in Hollywood Studios.

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