Pre-Trip: Escape to Orlando
Week of April 20, 2009

Time to last trip: 4 months

Average temp at home: 50oF (i.e. cold & rainy)

Tasks to do before we can escape: too numerous to count (but I'll try)

  1. Get new headlight for van (before nice County police officer stops us again on the road)
  2. Get First Communion gifts for all the kids back home (feel guilty again that we made our travel plans a year before their churches set the Communion dates).
  3. Complete at least 3 last minute work projects.
  4. Get the van ramp serviced
  5. Get a haircut (for me). Doing Disney as a shaggy dog is not a good idea.
  6. Pack.
  7. Make reservations for the hotel stopovers on the way South.
  8. Finish redesigning the GM website for the trip.
  9. Print all schedules for the vacation fridge (remember to pack magnets).
  10. Go over the mental list of things to do (forget at least 2 things: one major and one minor).