Day 2: Waking Up At Marriott (and the engineers)
September 22, 2008


After dragging myself to bed at the wee hour of 4am, Grandpa Mohawk rudely woke me up at 9am. Seems we have a problem. We have 4 TVs and only 1 working remote. (When did we get so lazy that walking 3 feet to switch the channel was considered a major problem?)

Oh well, a quick call to Maintenance solves the problem. Now Marriott seems to be hopping in the engineering department. Last night we met Santos who came to lower my bed (the furniture installer keeps putting those risers under the low frames making them too high for us wheelie/short folk). He brought along two other young lads from Haiti who helped us unload the van and got me a higher shower stool than the wall-mounted kind. This morning we had Louie and Miguel who reconfigured our remotes and set to work on lightening the tension rod on apartment door. Apparently we must be very likeable people because all the maintenance staff has been very eager to help. I think they just like Grandpa Mohawk.

Checking the schedules I printed off at home it seems we have only one thing scheduled for the day: Grandpa Mohawk’s haircut at Magic Kingdom. The parade is scheduled for 3pm so our goal is to head to MK for 1pm. Until then, I’ll take the chance to show off our Grande Vista-style of Grand Villa:

Here is the foyer:

Foyer View 1 Foyer View 2

The 3rd bedroom and bathroom (official home to GP’s scooter):

3rd Bedroom Scooter bath

Kitchen & Living Room:

Kitchen Living Room/Dining Room

My bedroom:

My bedroom

My accessible bathroom:

My accessible bathroom

The Master (Grandpa Mohawk’s) Bedroom:

Master bedroom

Our view:

Our view

Day 2: Continued... The Weatherman Lies