Pool at Harbour Lake

Saturday, October 3, 2009

I'm writing this while sitting by the Pirate Plunge pool at our Marriott resort. It's late in the day and the sun has gotten low and cool in the sky.

It's been a hot day here. Low 90's. Perfect pool weather.

Since we only had a short time in EPCOT yesterday, I had thought we'd return to finish today. Instead we decided to just hang out here. Tomorrow the in-laws fly in.

A quick call to home to check in with Cousin 626.1 confirms our Disney newbies are packing. next we hear from them, they'll be in MCO.

So far we've managed to move our van closer to our villa to facillitate with the packing. And we've both spent the day lounging in the pool and by it.

Harbour Lake has become my new favorite off-site resort. The LCD tvs, wireless internet all over the complex, and zero entry pools make it a very comfortable place to stay.

There  have been a gazillion kids here today. A lot of folks are just checking in for the week so everyone wants to be at the pool. Hearing all the kids play makes me yearn to have my nieces and nephews down with us again. Talking to my nephew today I realized it's been 5 years since they (one of my brother's families) were in Orlando with us. GM and I have seen and done so much since then. We vacation in an entirely different way.

Well tonight, we pack, watch the rest of our slingbox recordings and get ready for tomorrow. We've decided to skip the trip to church en route to Saratoga. No need to tempt fate again, I figure. And tomorrow we'll be pool lounging again, just at a different resort.

So I'm leaving you all with a recap of the last few days and some pictures. (The video will have to wait until I get home.) The next week may be choppier as I have my hannds full with guests. Foecast for next week is to reach the 90's. Crossing my fingers it doesn't do our senior guests in.


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